Fatigue Day

We live in a community that kind of revolves around the mining industry (for the most part). This impacts our daily lives in a lot of ways. One of the biggest being crazy work schedules. These schedules can range from a rotating 5 days on shift, 4 days off, to 7 days on 7 days off, to a semi normal Monday thru Thursday… I could go on but you get the point. Houston works for a drilling company and he works 20 days on and 10 days off. His 20 days on is pretty brutal. One thing that makes it a little more tolerable is his “Fatigue Day”. The mine where he is working right now requires them to take a day off every 7 days. Personally I think this is the best thing the company can do for the safety and well being of their employees. These guys work 12 hour shifts with an hour and a half commute each direction. Giving them 1 day a week to rest is an amazing thing to do. Most of the guys that Houston works with live in other areas so when they are working they stay in hotels. Their Fatigue Day also gives them a chance to do laundry which is pretty important. I swear sometimes Houston’s work clothes are so gross they can stand up by themselves.

Houston’s last Fatigue Day fell on a Saturday. After sleeping in we decided to go to a very late breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot Dreez. The food is always great, the decor is adorable and they have excellent Bloody Mary’s (which is really the most important part). I love their Peruvian Benny (pictured). Houston got their Chicken Fried Steak on this trip but picked off my plate more than his own lol.

Another thing we love about Dreez is they sell my favorite coffee by Collective Coffee Roasters. Any ol’ excuse to get a good meal and pick up my coffee for the week works for me. I’m all about multitasking 😉

Isn’t Roman just adorable? He insisted on wearing the hat Nixon got at the zoo last month.

After breakfast we decided to walk around downtown for a bit. Living in a small town you hear people complain a lot about how their isn’t anything to do or anywhere to shop. I completely disagree with this statement. I love shopping local! We find some really cool stuff in our local shops. On this particular day we went to an adorable little store Carlin Trend. This is my go to spot for gifts. They always have the coolest stuff! I love their unique items that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Here are a few pictures of my favorites from this trip.


We love getting out and exploring our little town. There are so many cute little shops and activities to check out. We also walked around our local fair (but I failed to take any pictures). I LOVE seeing all of the 4H exhibits and animals. I always fantasize about having a ranch with chickens and goats and cows… Maybe in my next life.


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