Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Off To School We Go

Cooper and Nixon went back to school last week. I love this time of year! I am a person who thrives on schedules and to-do lists. Summer is fun but I like the structure that comes with the school year. My boys are happier too.

Back to school also makes me a little sappy. I went back through my Facebook pictures and found my boy’s first day of school pictures since they started school. Looking at these pictures reminded me of the saying “The nights are long but the years are short”. I have found this so true (especially since I had a two year old with a cold in my bed all night last night). These boys are growing so fast. It makes me so excited to watch them become people and so sad that they aren’t my babies anymore at the same time. Being a mom is so complicated!

Here is Cooper’s first day of school journey. He started 4th Grade this year. It’s his last year of Elementary School.

Here is Nixon’s. This little ball of personality started 1st Grade.

Aren’t they just the most handsome boys? I couldn’t be any prouder of them. They haven’t outgrown snuggling their momma yet either. I will be heartbroken when that day comes.

My baby will start Preschool next year. I have a funny feeling watching him start school is going to be the hardest yet.

Now that they are back to school I’m working on chore charts and calendaring all of their after school activities. I’ve also rearranged our basement and have plans to do the rest of the house too. My “Spring Cleaning” usually happens in the fall. I think my sweet husband might strangle me.

How do you feel about this time of year? How do you get back in the swing of things for the school year?


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