The Aftermath

This picture makes my heart happy.


I have been struggling with being lonely lately. Don’t get me wrong being home with my boys is a huge blessing. I love that I can be here for them all day, every day. I will admit though that it can get pretty dang lonely.

I am a little bit of a busy body. I am also pretty social. I like to be busy and be around people.

I also have a tendency to feel sorry for myself. I tell myself that I am unlovable because no one is inviting me to do things. When I write it out this way it seems so silly but it is what goes on in my head.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day; “Don’t be the “nobody reaches out to me” guy. If you need attention, it’s okay. Just ask for it”. Have you ever read something and thought “Crap. That was meant just for me”. Well that is exactly how I felt.

So I posted on Facebook that I wanted to host a Coffee/Play Date on Tuesday of the following week. This was big for me. I have become the type of person who sits back and waits to be invited to things. I used to plan things when I lived in my hometown and knew lots of people and had lots of family. Since moving to a town where I have no family and few friends I just don’t. I didn’t realize how much this was affecting my overall happiness.

Do you know what happened when I put up that post inviting people to come hang out with me? To my great surprise people commented! Amazing women who I admire wanted to come to my home and spend time with me and each other. I cannot tell you how much this blew my mind!

Today was the day of our Date and it was wonderful. I cannot put into words how happy it made my heart for my home to be filled with fun and laughter. Little people running up and down my stairs laughing. Smart, beautiful women from different back grounds and stages in life talking about so many different topics. From how kids learn differently, to silly nicknames from our school days to our children’s constant fighting.  It fed my soul.

I had a wonderful conversation with one of the sweet ladies that came about our intense fear of rejection. I 100% believe that this is something that we all deal with on one level or another. For me it feels like my dirty little secret. A feeling that I should hide and not let anyone know about.

I need to get right the heck over that.

So the moral of this story is; Ask for what you need. Be it more attention or less. Be intentional about getting what you need to make you happy. No one is going to read your mind and do it for you.

Thank you to all the ladies and munchkins who came to hang out with me today. You have no idea how blessed I feel to have you in my life. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did and we can do it again soon.


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