The Everything Elko Expo

Hi Guys! Happy Friday! I can feel fall in the air and it is making me so happy! It is time for all the things pumpkin, hoodies and soup!

Last Saturday we went to our Local Everything Elko Expo. I love this event. Our town has the Everything Elko Magazine that is all about what is going on in our area. They put on an Expo every year and it’s always lots of fun to see local businesses set up booths with their cool stuff. There is always lots of great food as well and every time I go I learn about a business I didn’t know about before.

I was so busy enjoying myself I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have but here are a few of my favorites.

These guys from Collective Coffee Roasters are some of my favorites. I like them for lots of reasons, one of which being that they keep me caffeinated with their amazing, locally roasted coffee. We also worship Jesus together so there’s that. They recently started offering a Coffee Subscription service with FREE local delivery. I mean does it get any better than that? I love not having to think about things so subscriptions are my jam. Houston has been lusting after one of those hats too. I need to get him one so I can steal it 😉

I am a sucker for a cute sign and these were adorable! I love the fonts she uses and the wide variety of items she offers. I could have spent a lot more time in this booth but my 2 yer old was trying to destroy it so I snapped some pictures and kept moving.

This booth was a little tucked in the corner so we almost missed it! Houston’s food seeking skills are always working so he saved us. Gourmet Creations offers packets that you combine with sour cream to make delicious dips.  We bought 3; Habenero (because my hubby is a masochist), Taste of Italy and Cilantro Lime. They were all so good it took us a while to narrow it down. They also offer dessert mixes!

This is another fun sign booth. She had some super funny ones! We stood there for a while giggling. Our maturity level was showing big time.

I have to mention Journeys Around The World They were one of the sponsors for the Expo. Sue, the owner, is one of the nicest people. We are really excited for her to help us plan a vacation next year!


The Lamoille Farmer’s Market was also set up outside. They had all kinds of good stuff! Fresh fruits and veggies, local honey, locally raised meats and some sweets too. This farmer’s market runs throughout the summer in our area. I think we may have to check out the one this Saturday in Lamoille. I bet they are all harvesting lots of yummy stuff!


We had such a great time strolling around and checking things out.  We were so busy exploring and visiting with friends I didn’t get anywhere near enough pictures. Do you have any pictures from this event you would like to share?

We thoroughly wore this cutie out. I call that a win!


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