Farmer’s Market Saturday

This past weekend we got to spend a whole Satuday as a family. Since Cooper and Nixon spend about half their time with their dad and Houston’s schedule being what it is this doesn’t happen very often. I was very excited to spend the day with all of my boys. I decided I wanted to drive out to Lamoille and visit the Farmer’s Market.

Let me just tell you Cooper was not thrilled with this idea. Does anyone else have a 9 year old that is going on 16? It doesn’t happen often but every now and again he just does not want to do things with his family. Especially when dirt bikes are not involved. Plus he was having a grand time playing with hot wheels in the basement. Too bad for him I’m the mom and I make the rules.

We all loaded into the truck and drove the 20 minutes outside of Elko to the adorable town of Lamoille.


Notice their are no children participating in this selfie. They don’t have time for their lame mom. Luckily Houston humored me.

Lamoille, Nevada is a little slice of heaven. I always forget how much I love this cute little ranching community until I take the time to drive out there. I WILL own a home there in the next 10 years. It just has to happen to make my life complete.

The Farmer’s Market was held at the old school building. I don’t why I didn’t take any pictures of this cool old building. Houston and I day dreamed about buying it and converting it into a home or a bed and breakfast with a restaurant. Are we the only ones who are constantly day dreaming about stuff like this?

The school still has the old metal slide and swings in the yard. The boys had so much fun playing on them. Notice that smile on Cooper’s face? Weird…

The Lamoille Farmer’s Market isn’t huge but there are some good vendors. Here is our little haul. Aren’t those the cutest little spaghetti squash you’ve ever seen?

Just down the road a bit is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. I just love it! The views around it are breathtaking as well. You can’t see it well in this picture but the trees are changing colors on the mountains so there is a patchwork of green, yellow and orange. It is so pretty.

We decided to get some lunch at Mulley’s in Spring Creek on our way home. Do you see those 3 balls that Roman is holding? They are the kind that come out of a claw machine. Between Cooper and Nixon we ended up with 4 of them.

They caused Houston to not only spill an entire glass of ice water in my lap but his beer all over the table about 5 minutes later. It was pretty comical and the poor guy was so embarrassed. The staff was super understanding and even brought him a new beer. I was most upset that the water ruined the word search on the kids menu that I had almost completed.

We ended our adventure by accidentally crashing a friends house for over an hour. Then Houston spent some time cleaning out the garage and hanging his punching bag while I worked on a project and the boys road their bicycles around the house.

It was a really great and much needed family day.

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