Lamoille Canyon Field Trip

The boys went on a field trip to Lamoille Canyon this week and I got to tag along. We had such a great time! The canyon is absolutely stunning this time of year. I may (or may not) have mentioned this before but I love Fall!


Cooper is getting to the age where he doesn’t want to hang out with me in public as much as he used to. He still wants to snuggle me on the couch as often as he can but in public he is too cool.

Nixon on the other hand still loves his momma fiercely!  I spent most of the field trip hanging with him. We went on a short hike, ate lunch in one of the cute cabins then the kids all got to play some games. Nixon and his little fiend did the three legged race. They were doing really well until their dang handkerchief came untied.

It was a really fun day all the way around. To top it off the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

I’m not thrilled with how these pictures turned out. I have some work to do on my camera skills but its hard to make these views look bad!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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