Nixon Turns 7!!

Our sweet spunky Nixon turned 7 at the end of October. We threw him a party at The Dance Club. He had an absolute blast!

Nixon is my low key child. He is happy to have a couple “stuffies” and some snuggles. Everyone coming to celebrate him was kind of a big deal for him.

I guess that’s what happens when your big brother is a Big Time Moto Kid.

Nixon calls The Dance Club “The Trampoline Place” because they have the big gymnastics style trampolines, a bounce house and a foam pit. It is pretty much his favorite place in the world. He begs me to go at least a couple times a week. This was the perfect place for his party.

Houston tossed him into the foam pit over and over and over… He loved every second and wanted to be tossed higher and higher!

Then Houston threw all the other kids into the foam pit. This is Nixon’s best friend in the whole world. We were so happy he could come party with us!

I have no idea how my sweet husband could move the next day.

Cooper got in on the action too. You can’t tell from these pictures but he is actually giving me some serious sass. He is getting to the age where he thinks he needs to give his mom attitude when he is around his buddies. His mom is not handling it very well…

I was really impressed with the facilities at The Dance Club. The gym area is quite large and the area for the party is good size as well. They have a good size kitchenette along one wall with a sink and counter area. Everything was clean and ready for us when we got there. They even had a sound system in the gym for us to use.

To be honest I was a little nervous about hosting a party at The Dance Club. I have heard that the employees can be less then pleasant. That was not our experience at all! The gentleman who was working was very helpful. He did have to ask us to have the kids stop doing things a couple times. With 15ish boys in a gym like this that is to be expected. They were definitely wild!

All in all it was a great party with good friends for a sweet little boy. The best part about this party to me was being able to host it with my ex-husband. I can’t put into words how happy it makes me that we are finally getting to a place that we can work together for our boys. Seeing their smiles and hearing how happy it makes them that we can do these things together for them is amazing!


Happy Birthday Nixon Mark! We love you bunches!

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