A Thankful Heart Year ‘Round

I have heard it said that if you look at the pictures in a person’s phone you will see what is important to them. These are just a few of mine. These people are the most important things to me.

I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for this beautiful life we get to live. These little people amaze me every day with their huge personalities. They are smart, funny, sassy and respectful (most of the time). I couldn’t have asked for 3 sweeter little boys.

Cooper is my sweet heart. He feels for people in a way that is truly special, he is passionate about racing his dirt bike and he is such a good big brother.

Nixon is my fiery hot head. He is passionate about everything, he is so stinkin’ smart it surprises me at times and he loves people in a big way (especially his baby brother).

Roman is my little rebel. He is rotten to his very core, he copies everything his brothers do, and he is smarter than he wants us to know.

My sweet husband is more of a blessing in my life than he will ever know. He is such a good daddy and step-dad. He handles my crazy with patience and grace. He makes me laugh and teaches me new things every day. Whether it’s about Marvel or Mars he always has some morsel of trivia to share. I tease hims about it but I find it adorable. He works so hard so that I can be here for our boys every minute of every day. He also supports me and believes in me like no one ever has. Did I mention today is his birthday? I’m so glad he was born.

I am also so grateful to live in a country that allows me the right to live my life the way I choose. To worship the way I choose. To raise my children the I choose. I feel so much gratitude for the men and women (and their families) who serve our country. Whether they serve in the military or they are first responders, their hard work and selflessness allows me to live this beautiful life.

I try to remember these things and have a grateful heart every day but it stands out even more during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours 🍁

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