AZ Open – Road Trip!

A couple weeks ago Nixon and I road tripped down to beautiful Buckeye, Arizona to watch Cooper race in the AZ Open. It isn’t very often that I get to spend a big chunk of alone time with Nixon so this was a special treat. He was super excited about it too! I rented a…

A Thankful Heart Year ‘Round

I have heard it said that if you look at the pictures in a person’s phone you will see what is important to them. These are just a few of mine. These people are the most important things to me. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for this beautiful life we get to live….

Nixon Turns 7!!

Our sweet spunky Nixon turned 7 at the end of October. We threw him a party at The Dance Club. He had an absolute blast! Nixon is my low key child. He is happy to have a couple “stuffies” and some snuggles. Everyone coming to celebrate him was kind of a big deal for him….

My First FabFitFun Box!!

If you are on any form of Social Media at all you have heard of the FabFitFun Boxes. I have been dying to get one. A couple weeks ago I finally did it! When I placed my order a took a short survey so they could send me a box I would love. I waited…

Modz Arcade

Last Saturday we went to a really cool new spot in our little town, Modz Arcade. I have to say I was not too excited to go hang out at an arcade on my Saturday. It’s just not my thing. Now, I can’t wait to go back! We decided to give Cooper and Nixon $20 each….

Lamoille Canyon Field Trip

The boys went on a field trip to Lamoille Canyon this week and I got to tag along. We had such a great time! The canyon is absolutely stunning this time of year. I may (or may not) have mentioned this before but I love Fall! Cooper is getting to the age where he doesn’t…

Farmer’s Market Saturday

This past weekend we got to spend a whole Satuday as a family. Since Cooper and Nixon spend about half their time with their dad and Houston’s schedule being what it is this doesn’t happen very often. I was very excited to spend the day with all of my boys. I decided I wanted to…

The Everything Elko Expo

Hi Guys! Happy Friday! I can feel fall in the air and it is making me so happy! It is time for all the things pumpkin, hoodies and soup! Last Saturday we went to our Local Everything Elko Expo. I love this event. Our town has the Everything Elko Magazine that is all about what is…

The Aftermath

This picture makes my heart happy. I have been struggling with being lonely lately. Don’t get me wrong being home with my boys is a huge blessing. I love that I can be here for them all day, every day. I will admit though that it can get pretty dang lonely. I am a little…

Baby Bro Can’t Hang

We wore this kid out with our adventures today 🤣😴 Running errands and checking out the Everything Elko Expo is exhausting when you’re up at 5:30 a.m. He’s lucky he’s cute 😉